Omer Mir


Honored to be a President of a professional computer science club at UHD. Graduating Spring 2020. Proficient in C++ & Python. Love robotics, DBMS, and deep learning. Always eager to learn and grow. Love to have open minded and intellectual conversations. Love travelling, running, and playing Badminton. Coffee Connoisseur!


Vice President

A computer science student focused on AI and Robotics. Highly enthusiastic and hard-working person. Working in the IT department as User Support Service I. Aside from the main priorities, I lead the Robotics Lab, where students learn how to build robots and program them. I advocate a happy and successful environment where everyone learns and supports each other. My motto in life is: Think big, dream big!



I am currently a senior seeking a degree in computer science. It is an honor to be a secretary for ACM. I am passionate to work with a team and meeting new people. My goals for being a part of ACM is to learn new things and start networking. I am looking forward to a great spring semester.

Luis Dominguez

Technical Writer

Serving as Technical Writer for ACM. Computer Science undergraduate graduating December 2020. Topics of interest include artificial intelligence and its societal implications, machine learning and software engineering. Hobbies include exercise, and playing basketball.


Managing Editor

Hi there, I’m Anam and I’m currently the Managing Editor of our ACM Newsletter. I am a senior majoring in Computer Science! I personally have a great affinity for Artificial intelligence and its use in social media marketing. I’m proficient in C++ and Java. I also have great passion for writing, gaming, creating art and music. You’ll probably find me at a local boba shop! But ultimately, I want to create a space for people to truly be themselves. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns (about ACM or Newsletter) please feel free to reach out to me!


Content Editor

Hello! My name is Gillian Delumpa and I’m the Content Editor for ACM’s Newsletters. I’m currently a junior in Computer Science and proficient in C++ and Java.  I enjoy working on coding projects and would like to be a part of a Software Development team one day.  My goals don’t end there!

I have a passion for learning and self-growth. My hobbies include language learning, singing, playing games, and cooking. I may be shy, but I enjoy having a great time!  I look forward to the growth of ACM and its impact it can do for many people.

Kaleab Teka

Social Media Correspondent I

I am thrilled to be apart of the ACM movement at UHD as a Social Media Coordinator. I am a senior in my Computer Science major and proficient in C++, Python and Java. I look forward to helping and introducing all majors to the exciting things going on in Computer Science. I’m into all things soccer, music and mental peace. Feel free to reach out if you think I can help.

Rayan Jangda

Social Media Correspondent II

I am excited to start this journey with ACM as the Social Media Correspondent. I am a Junior in my Computer Science Major and proficient in C++ and Python. I look forward to increasing ACM-UHD’s reach. I like meditating, reading, painting and storytelling. Let me know if i can ever help, just shoot me a message.


Event Coordinator

Hello, I am Tooba Hashmi. Currently a senior, I will be graduating in May of 2020 with a CS degree and a math minor. I am proficient in C++ and am learning python on the side. I want to work in network security or software development. 

I love reading, visiting museums, traveling and as of recent – cooking. I am told I have a very intimidating face but don’t hesitate to say hello or ask me anything–I promise I’m not scary. I look forward to working with ACM, building connections, networking, and coordinating our seminars and workshops.

Andrew Huerta-Enciso

Event Coordinator II

I am currently a Sophomore, and a CS major. Proficient in C++, Cyber security, and a bit of Python, and interested in all things tech. My hobbies include reading, exercising, video games, and music. And grateful to be the Event coordinator II for ACM.


Event Coordinator III

My name is Rami Kroma, I am a senior computer science student, I joined ACM to grow my skills and network and I ended up finding more. As an officer I am excited to help ACM reach out to fellow UHD students and provide them the best experience at events.

Reggie Andes

Webmaster I

Greetings! Proud to be a part of ACM’s web development team.

I am a Computer Science undergraduate student that is expecting to graduate in Spring 2021. I am knowledgeable in C++, Python and HTML. I have years of experience in teamwork, leadership and critical thinking. I am currently an active member/officer in other UHD organizations. I’m generally an approachable person so if you ever bump into me in campus, don’t hesitate to ask me a question. I would love to help you in any way. I enjoy playing with my yo-yos, online gaming and attending concerts.


Webmaster II

Hi, I’m Mitchell, and I’m happy to be part of the web development team. Currently a junior, I hope to graduate in spring 2021 with a degree in computer science. I’m proficient in C++, Java, Python, and especially love anything to do with algorithms, puzzles, or video games. If you ever have any questions or opinions, I would be happy to listen to them.


Webmaster III

Hello,  I am a CS student as many of you are. I am a father of a one-year-old boy, and a veteran of the USMC. I hope to finish with a degree by spring of 2021. I do not believe my programing capabilities are the best, so I try to better myself everyday. If you ever need help do not hesitate to ask. We are all here for one another. I wish you all well with your endeavors. Good Luck and best wishes from my family to you!


Peer Mentor

Workshop Leader for Data Science. Serving as workshop leader for ACM. Data Science undergraduate graduating December 2020. Currently working as a research intern at Computational Biomedicine Lab. My goal is to increase data science specific activities within ACM. Hope you all have a great semester and do not miss an opportunity to collaborate and become a leader within ACM.


Peer Mentor

ACM Peer Mentor and Computer Science Student, ardent about Android Mobile development and enthusiastic about computer software. My hobbies are soccer, running, hiking and coding, honored to be part of the ACM team to help create opportunities for all students.