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The all-new Google Chrome OS

The all-new Google Chrome OS

Android and Chrome OS are two newly created operating systems that Google is running on. Chrome OS is primarily based on the Chrome internet browser that runs web applications. It is designed to be a very simple and easy to use computer operating system that can be used on a number of devices. Now, you ask, where would this platform actually fit? Note that there are different versions of Chrome OS, such as Google Chromium OS, but in the end the official version will win the battle of Chrome vs Chromium because it is supported by Google programmers.

It is hard to say if many people will move to Chrome OS. One of the main problems is that Android is already there. It is on many mobile phones now and soon netbooks and tablet computers. Programmers and manufacturers use and develop for Android much more than Google Chrome. Although it is a great browser, there doesn’t seem to be a place for it in the market yet.

Some have suggested that Chrome OS might be a quick boot alternative for Windows PCs. The idea is that you can boot into Chrome to send quick emails or check something on your laptop or netbook. While this may seem like a sweet spot for this type of technology, there are actually a number of alternatives. First, many will use their smartphones to perform quick web tasks. Secondly, if someone wants a fast boot system, you will find a variety of free operating systems that have been able to do this for several years.

It seems that if Google wants this operating system to have a place, they’ll have to build a Chrome OS device like they did with the Android Nexus One. This can be a basic tablet or netbook computer designed to run this operating system exclusively to help increase its popularity.

Another option is that Chrome and Android, and possibly Google Chromium OS, could become exactly the same project in the future as Google tries to fully enter the OS market later on.

Google is going to release Google Chrome OS soon, but many people aren’t sure where it fits in the current crowded OS landscape. In the very near future, we’ll see not only what it can do and where it fits in, but if it’ll be a perfect fit for your specific computing needs. As for the Chrome vs Chromium battle, things are getting really cool with the freelance programmers helping the online community get the most out of this operating system.

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