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Choose a laptop

Choose a laptop

Small can be beautiful

When you buy a new computer, you may get a laptop that is better than a traditional desktop computer. Recently, laptops with similar capabilities to desktop computers can be purchased at a similar price. Laptops are convenient due to their small size and ability to run on battery. Except for the power cable to recharge it, the laptop doesn’t have any external wires, so it won’t contribute to a cable clutter.

When looking at laptops, keep in mind how often you will be traveling with them. If you plan to travel infrequently, get a model with a larger screen and a lower price. If you’re a digital nomad, you should be primarily concerned with laptop size, weight, and battery life. For maximum portability, get a laptop that’s less than 3.5 pounds, a screen size of 12 inches or smaller, and a battery that lasts at least 4 hours.

Unlike desktop computers, laptops can be difficult and expensive to upgrade. When buying a laptop, keep in mind that any internal features such as a CD or hard drive can be difficult to replace. Laptops can be externally upgraded with USB, FireWire, and a PC Card slot. Since each of these methods is external, however, your laptop will become less portable if you need to carry external devices.

Take one tablet…

A tablet is a dedicated portable computer that allows you to write on the screen, to keep notes, and to work with programs. Tablet PCs are usually smaller than laptops and feature a specialized processor that is very battery efficient. Some tablet computers do not have a built-in keyboard, but they can connect to an external keyboard. These are ideal for people who use tablet mode most of the time and need to use the keyboard occasionally.

If you don’t need a laptop, a Desktop Replacement might be for you. The desktop replacement looks and feels like a laptop, but is much larger and competitively priced with desktop computers. Whatever type of laptop fits your lifestyle, gone are the days when laptops were expensive and less capable than traditional desktop computers.

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