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What is an iPad?  Explain the basics

What is an iPad? Explain the basics

What is an iPad? Simple answer: It’s a cross between a smartphone and a laptop — at least in terms of size and weight. The iPad is classified as a tablet computer and is designed and marketed by Apple. It has a multi-touch display – which means it has the ability to recognize that there are two or more points of contact (your fingertips) with a surface. This makes it easy to do things like change the size of the images on the display screen. You can easily access a wide range of content such as: books, movies, music, games and all kinds of web content. The iPad was launched in April 2010, and within three months, Apple had sold more than three million units. During 2010, approximately 15 million iPads were sold worldwide. Such massive worldwide sales were due to the fact that businessmen and all kinds of professionals loved the iPad almost as much as all the media addicts for which it was designed.

The iPad weighs about 25 ounces, so it’s much easier to carry around than a laptop. The iPad connects to the web via Wi-Fi or 3G allowing users to search the web, stream their selection of videos and music, and run many types of programs. The iPad is also easy to manage and “sync” with your computer.

In April 2011, Apple released a new version of iPad and named it iPad 2. During the last quarter of 2011, Apple sold more than 15 million iPad 2.

So what are the differences between iPad and Pad 2?

Well, here are the main features of iPad 2.

iPad 2:

  1. Thinner and lighter.
  2. It comes with a choice of two colors – black and white
  3. It has a dual core processor for faster performance and faster response
  4. The graphics have been improved to make the games more enjoyable
  5. Improved internet browser. The iPad uses a browser called Safari
  6. It allows the user to control apps and games by moving the iPad itself. This facility is known as the 3 Axis Gyroscope
  7. It comes with two cameras that can record videos in HD. One of the cameras is on the front and the other on the back of the device.
  8. Allows the user to make video calls to another “i” device
  9. It can now be connected to an HDTV to play videos or photos

The world is now waiting for the arrival (in fact it has already) of…you guessed it, the iPad 3, or as Apple likes to call it; the new iPad.

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