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types of computers on the market

types of computers on the market

types of computers

There are a number of computer options to choose from in today’s computer and technology market. Today, computers come in different sizes and styles. Today’s computers are manufactured in such a way as to suit people with different needs and requirements. Apart from the initial desktop and laptop computers, there are other types of computers available in the market. Netbooks and tablet computers are now available, and a number of people use them for various purposes.

netbook computers

Netbooks are similar to small laptops and are primarily intended for travel. They are smaller and lighter than standard laptops. Netbooks do not have built-in DVD or CD drives, and they have less storage space. Netbooks require less computing power and are relatively cheap. Netbooks perform basic computing activities such as word processing and Internet browsing.


Coming to laptops, they are only meant to be placed on one’s lap. What differentiates a laptop from a desktop is size, build, and mobility. Although laptops are portable devices, they are not intended for travel. However, laptops are much more convenient than desktop computers.

Tablet and convertible laptops

A tablet computer is a small device with a single screen. Instead of using the traditional keyboard in desktop and laptop computers, tablets use a stylus or the touch of a finger. Common uses of tablet computers are media playback, email sending, and reading among other uses. Tablets come in two designs, convertible tablets and slate tablets. On the other hand, a convertible laptop is more like a tablet. The convertible laptop keyboard can be folded to form a touchscreen tablet. Allows the use of a pen or touch screen.

Desktop computers vs laptops

The desktop computer basically stays in one position. The size and components of a desktop computer do not allow it to be moved easily. However, the desktop computer system is more powerful and powerful than the laptop system. Laptops are more portable and convenient than desktop computers but upgrading laptop hardware is almost impossible.

Laptops vs. Tablet PCs

The primary advantage of a tablet over a laptop is the weight. Tablets are light and can be used while walking unlike laptops which require you to sit while working on them. Tablets are useful when a person is at a conference as they can be placed. In today’s computer market, there are portable tablet computers which are basic tablets but have a keyboard and mouse attached to them. You can use it vertically as a traditional style laptop or use it as a tablet.

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