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Physical security for laptops with computer locks

Physical security for laptops with computer locks

Laptops and computers attract thieves just like a magnet. From dishonest employees to cheap thugs to hi-fi thieves, they find easily accessible computers and laptops, steal the ether, and get away after vandalizing the systems.

Almost one million laptops are lost or stolen each year. While the FBI recovers 2% of lost or stolen laptops, they remain clueless on the more than 300 laptops they lost during their 9/11 Commission hearings. The FBI must have lost more valuable information than the laptops themselves.

The majority of laptop thefts are caused by reckless out-of-place recklessness alone. While you may have theft insurance for your expensive Apple iMac, you still hate seeing your company’s business secrets and information get into the wrong hands. Are you?

Physical security for laptops and computers

While password security helps protect sensitive information that gets to the wrong people, the physical security of computers should be a top priority.

Are computer locks or laptop locks the best physical security modes?

A computer lock or laptop lock is the best way to physically secure your system or laptop. Roughly, about four-fifths of laptops on the market come with a universal security (USS) slot. USS will make it easy to connect your laptop to a laptop cable lock or even to a laptop alarm.

No wonder determined thieves and screw-cutting experts won’t stop there, laptop cable locks should deter casual laptop lifters waiting to take advantage of you when you’re snoozing in an airport lobby or hotel lounge.

While there are a variety of computer locks out there including cable-to-LCD locks, desktop locks for Maclocks, and iMac security locks, the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune buying any of them. Locks that secure single systems and laptops will be in the $30-50 range and those that secure multiple laptops at a time like carts are in the $100-$1000s (the high end would be feature-rich small portable classrooms like laptop carts)

Most computer locks are usually available in regular office stores or these days in many online stores. If you buy from an online store, you have certain advantages; Check and look through the range of various designs and specifications and then make the selection that suits your requirements and then look for the best deals or offers around otherwise you will have no option to play if you choose to buy from offline store.

Consider and check the cable quality as well as the computer lock quality; Ask for a replacement warranty and ask if the lock makes it easy to lock computers and laptops as well.

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