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iPads versus competing tablets in the mobile market

iPads versus competing tablets in the mobile market

The iPad took the technology world by storm when it was released in April of 2010. Due to positive reviews and Apple’s massive fan base, the iPad quickly became the force in the tablet market, accounting for around 75 percent of all tablet sales in 2010. Following the release of iPad 2 In March, Apple not only improved its tablet hardware, but also its sales. Some competitors didn’t take that lie down. Big names like Motorola and Samsung are starting to create their own take on tablets. However, with the iPad dominating the market and growing in popularity, it will be a formidable uphill battle for the competitors.

Much of Apple’s stronghold in the market owes to its initial approach to the iPad. While they were certainly not the first to enter the tablet arena, they were the first to do so successfully. Backed by a huge budget for production and promotion, the iPad really got people interested in the idea of ​​spending as little as five hundred dollars on a laptop. Samsung responded with the Galaxy Tab back in September and Motorola followed up with its February release of the Xoom. While these products have had some success, they don’t compare to their Apple counterparts.

Looking at these products side by side, they don’t seem to be separated by much technologically. Equipped with the same screen size (9-11 inches), storage (16/32GB), camera capabilities, and dual-core processors, all at a price in the same region, Android tablets still don’t sell as well as the iPad. Why? This is mainly due to the trust people have in Apple to give them a device they like. The first generation iPad was well received and Apple only made it better, while competitors like Motorola and Samsung only tried to replicate or catch up instead. To improve on the iPad.

Another obstacle for Android tablet competitors is Apple’s huge App Store. While the Android tablet market is doing its best to grow, it pales in comparison to the Apple Store. With easy access to ten years’ worth of apps, music and videos, iPad buyers will instantly have more at their fingertips.

With PC sales declining due to increased demand for tablets, this battle for supremacy is clearly going to continue. While the iPad now reigns supreme, the competition doesn’t seem to be backing down. However, unless Motorola and Samsung can come up with something special to separate their tablet from the iPad, it doesn’t look like the king will be dethroned.

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