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Desktop or laptop computer

Desktop or laptop computer

There is a big dilemma when it comes to buying a computer. The decision-making process takes you through the ‘what, how, which one and the deciding factor based on choices beyond price, brand and convenience. Between two major kids of the same kind. Desktop or laptop? We tend to make the wrong decision in a hurry and regret it if it doesn’t work out Things are fine.The wrong choice largely depends on your choice if you need a desktop computer or a laptop computer because these devices serve you for different purposes.But you are validated only if it meets your needs.

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So let’s see how both devices fit into the equation. If you don’t fancy a lot of components, then a desktop isn’t something for you… It’s a device that consists of components such as monitor, CPU, mouse, and keyboard while accompanied by speakers. Also, the desktop can be a cause for some inconvenience but it has a lot of advantages over a regular laptop.

  1. Try to run a test with any program, you will not deny that the desktop is much more powerful than the laptop. The CPU of a normal desktop computer processor has higher processing power than a laptop computer. In case you want to run heavy programs like Auto Cad, Photoshop, 3DMAX, Maya, Light-room..etc which may make your laptop slow but you can run them quite easily on your desktop PC.
  2. Upgrading your desktop is much easier as compared to a laptop. There is no reason to believe that it may harm internal components or the motherboard during the upgrade. It works well! While laptops are actually quite expensive. Both the software and the parts needed for the upgrade are very expensive. (Example Upgrading a desktop hard drive will be 30% cheaper compared to a portable hard drive)
  3. Now how about fixing your machine, while upgrading your desktop is cheaper than upgrading a laptop. Desktop repair is also cheaper than laptop repair. It’s also easier to find replacement parts for a desktop computer because it’s been around for quite some time. And for a laptop, the opposite is true, as you may end up dusting all day in vain. (Many models of laptop parts are not made to be sold separately)
  4. If you compare a laptop with desktop computers then the desktop is cheaper and with the same specs as the laptop.
  5. For those who love to watch movies or perform media tasks on a big screen, desktop computers are the one to choose as you can connect them to multiple monitors. Well, another advantage of a desktop over a laptop is that the chances of getting damaged in a laptop are more than a desktop while traveling

รข???????? So, your data has a higher chance of being safe if it is stored in a desktop computer than in a laptop. Now, the possibilities are on your desktop. You may want to know if there are any advantages of a laptop over a PC. Well, there!

  1. You may find laptops portable. If you want to work remotely or while traveling. It is more comfortable in this space. It’s crazy to try this out with a desktop. This gives you the freedom to choose where to work.
  2. Laptops are the popular choice of the younger generation of people. As work and schools are now entirely done on computers, it is really impossible to leave a computer behind and so the logical conclusion is to have a laptop; A device that can be carried anywhere.
  3. In terms of space, a laptop takes up less than a desktop computer. Now you might get the idea how a desktop has more advantages compared to a laptop. But the two most important points are processing power and portability. You might spend more on a laptop if it doesn’t work as well as it should. It would be a waste of your hard earned money. Designers and developers mostly go for powerful desktop computers with more processing power. But if you are looking for something portable, then your choice will be a laptop. So it is important that you need to analyze your needs before you make your choice.

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