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Apple Computers Yesterday and Today

Apple Computers Yesterday and Today

Apple computers are known for their powerful performance and tight security. These computers are exclusively designed to run only on the Apple platform including several versions of the Mac operating systems. Innovative, portable, secure, stylish, durable, and powerful are some of the great features of Apple computers that have attracted millions of computer users across the world.

From basic functions like document processing to solid network servers, these devices are proven to outperform others. These machines are able to communicate with other machines running on a different platform through simple configuration on the software side. Optional Airport devices allow Apple computers to connect to a network wirelessly, but securely.

During the first release of the first Apple computer in 1976, users were skeptical about its features. With more and more designs and features being added in each version, people are becoming more and more interested in these computers. The release of Lisa in 1983 gave the world a different perspective on computing. The prototype was designed with a graphical user interface that created an easy-to-use environment. Other releases including Macintosh and other advanced computers were among those that gave Apple pride in the industry.

As a company, Apple has had some downfalls in terms of sales and management. However, with the good people and loyal members around the company, I was able to recover and get on the road again. Today, the company is not focused solely on the manufacture of computers. They have many gadgets lined up including the famous iPod and iPhone which hit the market with huge sales.

Modern Apple computers now run with Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X or simply referred to as Leopard. The operating system provides the portability, security, connectivity, entertainment, and other features that make Apple computers more powerful.

The MacBook Pro and iMac, released in 2006, were among the first Apple computers to use a Core Duo CPU made by Intel. This was after the partnership between Apple and Intel Corp. The subsequent partnership resulted in some successive generations of Apple computers including the Mac Pro and Macbook.

Due to the popularity and security offered by Apple computers, many avid Windows users have been encouraged to give these computers a try. Switching from Windows to Mac environment was difficult due to differences in commands and interface. To address this problem, Apple introduced Boot Camp—a utility program shipped with Mac OS X v10.5—to help users willing to use Apple computers while maintaining the Windows XP interface. The software allows the user to install Windows XP or Windows Vista on a Mac computer from Intel.

Currently, computers manufactured by Apple are among the most sought after computers around the world. Outperform well-known computers manufactured by other companies such as Dell. Although a bit more expensive compared to other brands, these PCs last longer due to the refined engineering applied.

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