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ACM Fall 2016  Programs

Linux/Full Stack Workshops – ACM offers biweekly Linux workshops to help students prepare for developing in the real world. These workshops also cover other standard development fundamentals not taught at university such as GIT, Regex, and full stack development.

Supercomputing– ACM currently has access to the most powerful supercomputer in Texas and in the top 10 in the world. Through Dr. Hodgess we are currently training and running programs in Fortran/R/Batch scripts to process spatial data on UT’s Stampede supercomputer.

Code Camp
 – Using CodeAcademy and Hackerrank, ACM members meet weekly to work on coding challenges in Java and C++.

Raspberry Pi Development Day – ACM will host a project development day using Raspberry Pi’s as a platform for developing apps.

3D Printer Services – ACM is purchasing a 3D printer kit to provide printing services to staff and students of UHD. Students benefit by working with cutting edge technology and programming objects in 3D vector space. Using our printer we will be able to develop more technology (Printer Replication, Drones, Prototyping, and more.)

Resume Workshops – Every semester we work with the office of Career Development to host a sit down resume organization and review session for students to keep them prepared. This year integrating with our Workshops we are offering free web hosting and free domains through our partnerships to students to build resume websites.

Industry Field Trip – ACM has taken tours of the Schlumberger HPC datacenter this semester. We are also taking a trip to a career field trip to a Houston based development agency, Poetic Systems. ACM provides its members with real world examples of what they are expected to do in their careers as CS majors.

Internships and Job Portal– ACM works with the Houston companies to prepare university students for internships and long term positions. We groom students for companies through our workshops, then ensure companies receive trained and accountable interns. We work directly with companies and students via our portal




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